When you come to choose a new floor, it can be very daunting as there are so many different types and styles available. Here at Signature Me we have years of experience in supplying and fitting all types of flooring in all types of rooms so we can advise and help you with your choices.

What shall I choose?

When choosing your new flooring you will need to consider the purpose of the room it is for. If this room gets plenty of footfall then you’ll need something hard wearing. In a room like the kitchen or bathroom you’ll need a moisture and temperature resistant floor to avoid cracking and warping. If you’re looking for a luxury finish in a bedroom then you’ll need a deep pile carpet or if for a living room, perhaps an engineered or solid wood floor.

You also need to consider the budget you have available. Luxury vinyl tiles look stunning but they can be costly so if budget is a consideration then vinyl might be a better option for you. If you love the look of a solid wood floor but have more limited funds then an engineered wood floor would give a similar feel but at a lower cost.

Lastly, think about your lifestyle. How long do you need the floor to last? Are you happy to maintain a solid wood floor to ensure it always looks it’s best or would you prefer an easy to maintain floor? Do you need floors which are quick and easy to clean or is this something you don’t need to consider?

We are very happy give you advice and to help you make your flooring choice, please call us on XXX to arrange your free home visit and consultation.

Working with you

We take pride in installing your new flooring and want to make this process an easy one for you. We will visit you in your home for free to assess the rooms you require flooring for and bring plenty of samples for you to test out in your home.

You can ask us all the questions you have about your flooring and we can make recommendations to help guide you, based on our extensive experience. We will measure the areas and then provide you with a quotation based on the budget you have available.

Once you have chosen your flooring, we will arrange a convenient time with you to install the new floor covering. We’ll work with you to ensure a fuss free fit, tidying up after ourselves and removing all the old flooring and rubbish for you. We’ll also recycle the old materials where this is possible. This just leaves you to enjoy your new floor.

Domestic Flooring Services



Carpet can bring a sense of warmth and luxury to an office whilst being hardwearing and durable. There are many colours and types to choose from and you may want to consider carpet tiles. Carpet tiles give flexibility to a space and can be replaced easily in sections if required. The function of your office is a consideration in choosing the type of carpet, for example if your team are seated at desks then the carpet needs to be resistant to wear and tear from chairs. SignatureMe can advise on all the options available at a cost in line with your budget and requirements.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood floors look fantastic however they do require ongoing care and attention once fitted to ensure they stay looking as good as new. If maintained correctly a solid wood floor will last for years. They can be used for medium traffic areas but are not a suitable flooring choice for premises which receive heavy footfall or has items being moved across the floor continually. If your office requires a luxury floor then our trained professional Signature Me carpenters will inspect the premises prior to fitting to ensure the work can be carried out to the highest standard.

Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood floors are a versatile alternative to solid wood floors. They can be more affordable whilst giving a similar look and feel; plus they are more stable than solid wood as they consist of multiple layers of timber. Engineered wood is available in many different colours and looks; from antique to modern, giving a truly individual look to your office. This flooring is temperature and moisture resistant giving flexibility to the areas they can be used in, plus they are durable so good for higher traffic areas. We are happy to advise you on the options available.


Vinyl is a great choice for many commercial premises as it offers excellent durability in heavy traffic areas at an affordable price. Vinyl is quick to install so reduces the time your premises will need to be closed to have the flooring installed. Once in, the flooring is easy to maintain and clean making it a great choice where hygiene is a priority, particularly in commercial kitchens and hospitals. Signature Me can provide you with a vinyl floor that has a commercial rating so you know it meets all health and safety requirements for your business.

Luxury vinyl tiles

Vinyl is a great choice for many commercial premises as it offers excellent durability in heavy traffic areas at an Luxury Vinyl Tiles such as Amtico or Karndean are long lasting and a good option for commercial buildings as they will not split, crack or mark. They are also low maintenance and hard wearing. There is a vast range of tiles available so you can create a really bespoke individual look for your premises using the options available to zone areas and make a statement. If you are considering luxury vinyl tiles Signature Me has access to all the market and can recommend options for your commercial space to ensure it looks very professional and unique to you.